Wednesday, April 21, 2010

General Popovkin chooses not to buy Russian weapons

General-Colonel Popovkin is in charge of rearmament of the Russian Army and a deputy of the Defence Minister Anatoly Serduykov. According to the Russian press, he made an announcement at a recent workshop "Army and society", saying that the Russian Army will not buy some of the newest weapon systems produced in Russia, including among others the APC BTR-80 and BMP-3 (see below). He also said that the new program of rearmament till 2020 will be submitted to the Security Council in June for further approval and signing by the President Medvedev. "The development of the Russian defence industry will be based on this program and it will not have some of the armaments that we are buying now", continued the general.

He was also more specific by stating: "We cannot buy artillery with the max range up to 30 km, while our potential opponents have the artillery with max range of 70km. We will not buy BTR-80, because I do not know how to leave it through the side latch." As for BMP-3, the general said: "Our officers and soldiers do not want to be inside of this vehicle while in motion, - instead they sit on top of it outside."



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