Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Black Sea Fleet has received a new commander

Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev, appointed commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Russia , RIA Novosti. Earlier Korolev served as Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Northern Fleet. The former commander of the BSF, Vice Admiral Alexander Kletskov, released from his position in connection with reaching the age limit.

As the “Interfax”, Vladimir Korolev was formerly First Mate, and then the commander of a nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet, and then led the service of anti-submarine warfare SF, a division commanded submarines. The Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet took in 2007, the Chief of Staff of the Northern Fleet – in 2009.

Vice-Admiral Alexander Kletskov is in a planned vacation. It is expected that in the near future Commander of the Navy Vladimir Vysotsky will provide the personnel of the Black Sea fleet of the new commander. Source.

Our comment: It is a somewhat strange a choice for the Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Vice-Admiral Korolov's background is in submarines, while the Black Sea Fleet has very few subs.

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