Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last week Russian Army and Navy completed a major military exercise Vostok (East)-2010 that lasted for more than a week (from June 29 till July 8) and involved 20,000 troops, 70 planes, 30 ships and 2,500 of tanks, tracks and self-propelled guns. The exercise involved the troops of the Siberian, Far East, as well as Moscow and Volga-Ural military districts. Interestingly, the troops of the Moscow and Volga-Ural military districts traveled to the areas where the exercise took place (in Siberia and Far East) without their equipment. Instead, they availed themselves to the equipment stored at the bases of the Siberian and Far East military districts.

According to Army General Nikolay Makarov the exercise was not directed against any military block or country.

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